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Lamar Walker, Founder of Thinkers USA, Announces Women and Minority Initiatives with Milan Zoe/CTN

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Introducing a new initiative for women and minority businesses

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - March 17, 2022) - Founder of
Thinkers USA, Lamar Walker, is thrilled to announce his partnership with the
founder of #ChangingTheNarrative non-profit, Milan Zoe, to create a new
initiative for women and minority businesses. The initiative is designed for
underprivileged women who lack the resources to upscale their businesses. To
honor women, the initiative will kick off in March, which is Women's History
Month. Both organizations will combine resources and expertise to help
minorities and women-owned businesses thrive in this competitive, challenging
world. They will join forces to ensure that these women become firmly
established and take their place in their respective industries.

In order to achieve their goal of giving minority businesses and women a solid
business foundation, Thinkers USA and #ChangingTheNarrative will organize
events and outreaches. These events are targeted at sensitizing women on
effective business strategies and business trends that can be adopted to help
them stay afloat. Additionally, the outreaches aim to provide both physical
and mental support to the women.

#ChangingTheNarrative was a great choice for Lamar Walker because it
specializes in helping individuals break the barriers and reach out for
greater heights. The non-profit motivates people to maximize their potentials
and skills in diverse sectors of life, including art, entertainment, and
business. With the non-profit, Thinkers USA will reach more women and assist
them in using their platforms to create massive impacts in the world.

Likewise, Thinkers USA specializes in business and career consulting,
providing professional support to businesses in the area of strategic
planning, market research, and startup funding. The company is highly
concerned with the growth of professionals and businesses in all industries.
Therefore, it ensures that they are provided with strategies for discovering
major opportunities in their fields, industry research tools, and a system for
in-depth self-assessment. The company has worked with a lot of businesses and
professionals, earning their trust and recommendations. Business owners can
trust Thinkers USA to change their status quo and upscale their businesses.

"We are making it a business to support women and minority businesses. 40% of
US businesses are women-owned, and 64% of new women-owned businesses were by
women of color in 2021," said Lamar Walker, founder of Thinkers USA.

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