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Thinkers USA has partnered with Milan Zoe and her nonprofit #ChangingTheNarrative

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Los Angeles, CA (Thinkers USA) — There are more than almost a quarter of a million businesses in Los Angeles County alone, with more minority and women-owned businesses than any other county in the nation. Thinkers USA, an acclaimed business and career development company continues to build up communities across California by bolstering small businesses and helping professionals advance their careers.

The Thinkers USA team is composed of experts in the field of business and career consulting. They guide businesses through a multitude of necessary challenges, including start-up funding, strategic planning, and market research. For professionals, they offer industry research, comprehensive self-assessment, and discovery opportunities.

March is Women’s History Month and Thinkers USA have formulated a partnership with the non-profit #ChangingTheNarrative and its founder Milan Zoe. The non-profit encourages individuals to disrupt the status quo while promoting inclusion and social responsibility in all areas of art, entertainment, and business. The non-profit celebrates and encourages women who are doing impactful things in their respective fields and are fulfilling their social responsibilities by actively using their platforms as a form of activism.

Thinkers USA and #ChangingTheNarrative has plans on curating events and outreach initiatives for minorities and women. Thinkers USA founder, Lamar Walker confirms he will be working hands-on with all initiatives and expressed his excitement about highlighting and honoring women for Women’s History Month.

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